What Do We Live Fro single

Iro – What Do We Live For

The long-awaited single by Iro Kleitou was released across all platforms with a huge wave of support. The powerful Alternative/Pop ballad has thought-provoking lyrics which indirectly ask us: What do we live for? The single was written by Iro, recorded, mixed and produced by Chris Charalambides at Soundscape Studios. There is no doubt that there are great things on the horizon for Iro, since the talented singer/songwriter simultaneously shows off her unique side by releasing covers weekly with her own twist, to an array of love by her fans. She created a meaningful campaign in order to promote the single before the release – which included all her fans telling her what THEY live for. We are living for her amazing voice and can’t wait for her EP which is currently in mastering stages.

You can follow Iro here.

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