Merry Xmas & A Happy 2017!

Dear Readers,

As the year comes to a close, we’ve decided to get a bit sentimental (we are musicians at heart after all) and thank all of our friends, artists and everyone involved with Soundscape Studios for the interest and faith in our work, and wish you success and all the best in yours.

With the new studio now in it’s second year of operation, we look forward to 2017 with much anticipation for the release of all the singles, EP’s and albums that have been in the making this year, but also to some huge projects we have lined up for January.

Again, all the best from us, and feel free to pop in during 2017 or even over the holidays – whether it be for an album, live recording, or just to say hi – we’ll be here!
Much love!

Soundscape Studios

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