“Kill Thanatos” go Short!

After doing their absolute best to ensure they would never be eligible for radio airplay (with previous releases being over 20 and 10 minutes long respectively) Kill Thanatos finally release a single at a stunning 3:29 minutes longs!
‘Wake Myself’ is essentially a metalcore style track, recorded and mixed at Soundscape Studios (mostly), that very much emphasizes the band’s trademark ‘split-personality’ vocal style. For such short work, it still manages to cram in a two- part intro, two verses, two pre-choruses, two choruses and a bridge/breakdown section. Not good enough? Elias also managed to record and then re-record the song in two different keys, over three different locations and obtain four different masters.
The result? A seriously succinct, aggressive and ass-kicking track. Oh, and it made it to Metal Nation Radio’s rotation!

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